Family Care and Dental Emergency care in Ringwood

Check Up, Clean, and Photos


Our first check ups are longer than average - they go for about an hour.

This is so that we can really get to know your teeth and smile goals!

As part of the check up we do an oral cancer check , a full gum exam and check for decay. 

We also offer a cosmetic check as part of this and can offer you tailored and personalised strategies, along with some 'quick wins' to improve your smile in a quick (and cost effective) manner!

X-Ray Free and Low Radiation


Did you know that we are a very low radiation practice?

At Ethos Dental we have spent extra money out of our pockets to buy a Diagnocam - which uses intense lights as opposed to x-rays to allow us to get an amazing picture of your teeth. 

This is a really safe option for kids and adults alike to minimise our exposure to X-rays and radiation.

But sometimes we have to use X-rays and at times like these, we again went out of our way to get CCD sensors that use 10 time (YES 10 TIMES!) less radiation than traditional x-ray films.

Veneers,Crowns and Bridges


Sometimes because of structural reasons - the best treatment is to cover teeth with ceramic. The side benefit is that the teeth look totally natural and your smile looks amazing.

Ethos Dental sources and makes all its ceramic work right here in Melbourne. So local business always benefit.

We are proud to say that we do not send any work overseas. Its part of our ethos and commitment to Ringwood and Melbourne!

Check out details of our Crowns, Bridges and Veneers in our Cosmetic Dentistry section by clicking on the link!

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Fillings and Root Canal Treatments


We only use white fillings.

They're safe, last just as long as silver amalgam fillings and look much better.

So what a root canal? Well its actually a fancy way of calling a bigger filling! When done right, these shouldn't be any more uncomfortable that a normal filling.

But the trickier ones may take a bit longer (sorry!).

Sometimes this is the case because the tooth starts to become tender and so for us, getting the job done is important but not at the expense of  your comfort.



Did you know that Dr Pat is an expert in calming anxious kids at the dentist?!

That's because with a young family of his own (a daughter and a baby son) Dr Pat has the dental and more importantly, life experience in treating young children.

Before you bring your child in, why not speak to Doctor Pat and have him put your mind at ease that he will treat your children with as much care and compassion as he does his own.

Family Dental Care in Ringwood has never been so relaxing and comfortable! We are known for childrens dentistry and emergency care in Ringwood! Check out our google reviews!

Your first visit with your child at ethos dental



With a great and proven track record, removable teeth - also called dentures are a cost effective way to replace multiple teeth.

And if you are having difficulty with your dentures - we can help with a dental implant or multiple teeth implants. 

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