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Complications and How To Deal With Them Post Dental Surgery

September 11, 2018 After Care

While complications are rare, they do happen and we at Ethos Dental believe in being prepared!


Some swelling or difficulty in opening your mouth is common, but it should begin to subside after a day or two. If swelling persists, call Ethos Dental for advice.


Continued pain, swelling or raised temperature may indicate an infection. Infection may spread or seriously delay healing. If you suspect an infection, call Ethos Dental for advice.


Continued bleeding is not normal. If your mouth is bleeding continuously, remove any excessive blood clots from the mouth as a first step.

You should then apply a clean and damp rolled bandage or small folded handkerchief to the wound. Keep the cloth in place by applying pressure or by firmly closing your jaws on it.

Sit down and maintain pressure for at least ten minutes. If the bleeding cannot be stopped using this method, call ethos Dental for advice. After hours, report to the accident and emergency department of the nearest general hospital.


Control moderate pain by taking paracetamol. Take this in the usual way and do not apply the drug to the wound itself. If the pain persists or worsens, return to the surgery where you were treated. In most cases, pain can be controlled quickly.

As always, we are here to help!