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Check Up, Clean, and Photos


1st check ups are always an hour long so there is never a hurry.

As part of the check up we do an oral cancer check , a full gum exam and check for decay. We will also do a cosmetic check and advise you of simple strategies and treatments which can improve the appearance of your teeth immediately.

X-Ray Free and Low Radiation

X-Ray Free and Low Radiation

At Ethos Dental Centre we use Diagnocam, which is a special camera that lets us look into the tooth with out exposing you to x-rays. This means we can check your teeth much more closely and much more often, totally safely.

This is a really great option for kids as we are all worried about how much radiation they get in their life time.

From time to time however we will still need to use x-rays. To minimise the exposure we use CCD sensors which require 10 times less radiation than traditional films.

Veneers,Crowns and Bridges

Invisalign and Orthodontics

Whether for cosmetic or structural reasons some teeth will need to covered with ceramic.

We custom make all ceramic work right here in Melbourne. We are proud to say that we do not send any work overseas.

Fillings and Root Canal Treatments

Fillings and Root Canal Treatments

We only use white fillings.

They’re safe, last just as long as silver amalgam fillings and look much better.

Root canals are just bigger deeper fillings, they shouldn’t hurt anymore than just getting a normal filling. They can take a little longer and some of the trickier ones can take a couple of visits.

If at anytime the tooth starts to become tender the BEST thing to do is to put medication in to the tooth, let it settle down and finish the work on another day.

Getting the job done is important but not at the expense of comfort.


Children dentist ringwood

We understand that visiting the dentist may be an experience that can cause some anxiety, especially in children. With a young family of his own Dr Pat has the dental and life experience in treating young children and alleviating the anxiety that many children and adults may feel when visiting the dentist.

Again, for most kids we can use our x-ray free imaging technique, Diagnocam which is only one of the high end dental technologies we use at Ethos Dental in Ringwood to provide you with the best in family dental care.

Family Dental Care in Ringwood has never been so relaxing and comfortable! We are known for childrens dentistry and emergency care in Ringwood! Check out our google reviews!



Removable teeth is a great value option. Single and multiple teeth can be replaced at relatively low cost

They have a long proven track record and most denture wearers report that they adapt well to their dentures.

Sometimes if a patient can not adapt to the denture, a well placed implant or multiple implants are necessary to latch on to the denture to keep them stable. Commonly this is the case with lower dentures, where 2 implants and lower full denture is considered the standard of care today.

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