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Sleep Dentistry

February 19, 2019 General Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is a way to provide a comfortable and anxiety-free experience to patients. In providing dental care that promotes positive dental health.
What types of Sleep Dentistry are available?

There are two forms of sleep dentistry and they are general anaesthesia and IV sedation.

General anaesthesia involves the patient to be completely unconscious and is often used for surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions. Whereas, IV sedation is placing the patient a relaxed sleep-like state where the patient is still conscious and is still be able to respond to basic commands, however, afterwards, the patient will not remember the treatment.

Who is suitable?

Many people are suitable for sleep dentistry, with the most common:

  • Undergoing a long or unpleasant dental procedure, such as implants or extractions
  • Have a phobia of dental needles
  • Experience fear or anxiety at the dentist
  • Having a strong gag reflex
  • Had a negative or traumatic past experience at the dentist

It is best to have a consultation beforehand with the dentist to talk about sleep dentistry and if you are suitable for it. Some conditions may affect the suitable for sleep dentistry such as obesity, respiratory conditions and temporary illnesses such as cold and flu.

The benefits:

  • Having treatment done in comfort with reduced anxiety
  • having treatment done in the comfort of a dental clinic that you know and also, by the dentist that you know as well
  • having multiple treatments done in a single session, which will save you time and money
  • treatments seem to take a shorter amount of time
  • patients have little or no memory of the procedure
  • patients can be sure that the procedure is managed with specialised equipment and personnel

The cost:

The cost of sleep dentistry can vary depending on the few factors, which include the type of sedation and the length of the treatment needed. It is best to come in for a consultation and get an accurate cost estimate.