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White Fillings-

The safer and more premium solution compared to standard silver (mercury) fillings.


So what are Silver (Mercury/Metal) Fillings?

Prior to white or rather composite fillings, silver fillings were by far the most common choice for treating tooth decay. The filling often isn’t only silver as the name would suggest! It is a mixture of mercury, some copper, some tin and some silver!
And obviously, patients do not like the idea of having mercury in their mouth (even if it is a minuscule amount!) As such, we are Ethos Dental Ringwood are a White filling only practice!

White fillings — What’s the big deal?

So apart from the whole mercury thing, silver fillings can sometimes discolor teeth and not be suitable for small gaps!

The white fillings can be matched to your teeth. Here at Ethos Dental Ringwood, we like the natural look of the white fillings and we are sure you will too!
White fillings use clear bonding to adhere to the tooth. This means that the mechanism used to ensure proper bonding is nearly invisible.
Unlike amalgam fillings, tooth-colored composite fillings can be used to successfully treat even the smallest of cavities.

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